Bigger is better

Buying a mattress that is too small is one of the biggest
mistakes couples make when mattress shopping. Couples
who’ve been sleeping on a “double” may think they have enough
room – until they learn that each person has only as much
sleepingspace as they had as a baby in a cot. That’s 2ft 3 inches
each. Here are a few reasons why big is better.

1. The average person tosses and turns 60- 70 times a night so the
bigger the bed the less motion disturbance your partner will feel,
improving their night’s sleep.
2. In European countries like Belgium, Greece, Holland and Finland
most people sleep on a 160cm by 200 cm as opposed to Ireland
where 135cm by 190cm (a standard double or 4ft 6 inches) is the
most common. Bigger is better.
3. As obesity is becoming a serious problem in Ireland, couples will
need to purchase larger beds insuring a better night’s sleep as they
will require more space.
4. On average we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed by the time we are
60…20 years will have been spent in bed. Why not make this an
enjoyable experience as possible.
5. Most of us complain about lack of space as a reason for not up
grading. A 135cm by 190cm (4, 6) bed frame on average will take up
as much space as a 150cm by 200 cm (5ft) divan. Still not convinced
try removing one locker. A bigger mattress will lead to a better nights
6. Once you have slept in a kingzize….you will never want to be a
second class sleeper again
7. And best of all to upgrade from a 135cm by 190cm(4`6) to a
150cm by 200cm (5ft)doesn’t cost a lot extra (Depending on the shop
of course) but is worth every penny.

Because Sleep matters

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