Buying a new Mattress.

So you have decided you need a new mattress so what’s the next step? Firstly you need
make a list of what you didn’t like about your old mattress. Was it too soft, too firm not
offering enough support or even too hot. Here are a few things to consider before going
1. Research.
Research on line to get a better understanding of the different types of mattresses on offer
and price points
2. Shop together.
If the mattress is for two make sure to shop together, so both are happy with the purchase.
3. Time
Set aside enough time to this properly. Don’t shop if in a hurry or when feeling tired as all
mattresses will feel comfortable.
4. Test Drive
Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. Try each one in the position you would sleep in and
don’t be afraid to re try. This is an important purchase take your time and don’t feel rushed
by the salesman.
5. Price.
It’s best to shop for value and not for the lowest price. The dearest mattress is not always
the best or most suitable but there are many reasons why it costs more. It’s a personal
5. Gimmicks
Watch out for gimmicks when buying your mattress and watch out for how loosely the word
orthopaedic and medically approved are used. If this is on a label ask more and find out
which organizations have approved these?
6. Comfort
Comfort is subjective to the individual. Don’t be led by ratings saying soft medium and firm.
There’s no industry rating standard. So remember try, try and try again.
7. Warranty
Always ask about the warranty and what’s covered.
8. Bad Back
A firm mattress is not always best for a bad back it must be supportive. Again
remember there isn’t a one mattress that’s fits all. Every back issue is different and
please don’t fall into the trap of a salesman telling you an orthopaedic mattress is
9. Specialists
Research your store before shopping. Specialist shops tend to have the best and most up
to date selection and staff tend to be more knowledgeable and well trained. They are
selling one product as opposed to many in a general furniture store.
Enjoy Shopping.


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