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Dr Greg Tollefson

Dr Greg Tollefson

Dr. Greg Tollefson grew up in a very active family in Canada. The pursuit of optimal health and wellness has always been a integral part of his life, which he has always been passionate about sharing with his community, through treatment education and advocacy.

Greg obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan with the focus of Human Physiology. With a keen interest in the human body and the nervous system, Greg decided to further his education at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he attained his Doctor of Chiropractic. While studying Chiropractic Greg further specialized receiving his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation.
Dr Greg Tollefson

While practicing in Toronto, Greg developed a strong reputation within the athletic community having the honour of working with Olympians, professional hockey players, and within an exclusive tennis club. Although Greg has a special interest in the world of athletics, he has worked with a varied client base in Canada and Ireland. In the previous five years of practice, Dr. Greg experienced practice in a high volume clinic located in downtown Toronto, a chronic pain clinic in North Toronto as well as this past year he has spent at a family practice in County Mayo.

Greg has provided treatment for patients ranging from infants to the elderly and is a firm believer in assisting everyone with the goal of achieving a better quality of life. Greg is an avid educator of patients, clients and the community. Greg believes it is his duty to treat all of his patients as students, because what he teaches them about them self is as valuable as any treatment ever provided

Chiropractor Approved Mattresses

Can be of benefit if you suffer from any of the following:

Back PainHip PainNeck PainSiaticaOsteoporosisSleep Aponea

This is the most common of all pains causing distress and restricting people from work. Yes there is a solution, common sense and good work practices can prevent this pain and injury. Poor posture during the day and mattresses that lack support at nighttime are to be avoided because sleep matters.

Hip Pains are common at nigh time. Sleeping on the wrong mattress increases the stress and pressure on the body. A good quality mattress will support your body,spreading weight evenly and soothing painful pressure points. The mattress must support the natural shape of the back ensuring a pain free nights sleep.

People often wake up with a crick in their neck.Very often they have a headache as well,if they have a neck dysfunction due to lying incorrectly. A person with slight shoulders should use a thin pillow and someone with large shoulders should use a thicker one. Pregnant women should have a pregnancy pillow.

A good mattress,bed and pillow is a rewarding investment for 8 hours sleep.

One of the longest nerves in the body,which is associated with irritation of the nerve causing repeated pain. Nerve roots pass between disc spaces of the lower back and join up to form the sciatic nerve.In sciatica,prolapsed or slipped discs tend to bulge and press on the invertebrate nerve.

This pressure irritates the nerve,causing referred pain that can be felt all the way to the foot. Relief of sciatic pain can be helped by correcting posture and reducing pressure applied to the lower back.

A suitable mattress that is both comfortable and supportive will improve the persons way of life beyond their wildest dreams.The Sleep shop has the answer Because Sleep Matters..

Bones become frail and brittle and are very easily splintered. Over the years the bone structure changes and eventually fragments. Medical advice and improved lifestyle can slow down the effect and change the condition.

To alleviate pain a comfortable,supportive mattress is the answer. “Because Sleep Matters”

This interrupted sleep is usually due to lack of oxygen. There are many established medical causes including snoring.The body is experiencing on going difficulties to draw oxygen through the windpipes.

Sleep posture and lifestyle chances can lead to great improvement. This is where a sleep shop advisor is there to find a solution, Because Sleep Matters.

Get the perfect mattress for a great nights sleep!

As we are all individuals, we all require different levels of support while we sleep, depending on our age, size and personal preferences. At The Sleep Shop we have arranged for Dr. Greg Tollefson B.Sc.(Hons) D.C. C.S.C.S to be available for an individual mattress consultation where will fit you and your partner for your perfect mattress. We will then be able to supply you with the perfect mattress for a great nights sleep. Book you appointment today!
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