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Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow


100% natural latex pillow.  With good depth and comfort.   Offers firm support, with removable soft washable 100% cotton cover.

Size: 48 x 71 cm

Naturally Hypo Allergenic & Dust Mite Resistant

Removable Washable Cover


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The Dunlopillo Super Comfort pillow is the deeper and firmer of the two pillows in the Classic range, an especially deep and luxurious pillow which at the same time offers a firm support.

The Super Comfort pillow is supplied with a removable, washable, zipped, 100% cotton satin stripe cover.  Dunlopillo have over 80 years experience in pillow making, due to it’s incredibly durable Dunlopillo latex fillings, the pillow allows the user to enjoy a consistent level of support all throughout the night and moulds itself to your body, cradling the neck to give you an improved sleeping posture, this encourages a healthy blood supply to your muscles, making sure you wake up refreshed.

Dunlopillo latex pillows are also hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Naturally Hypo Allergenic & Dust Mite Resistant

Removable Washable Cover


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