Galaxy Mattress

The Galaxy mattress is growing in popularity.This is part of our collection of boxed and rolled mattresses offering the consumer great value for money.


The Galaxy is a luxurious mattress that combines two outstanding materials, viscoelastic memory foam and comfortable eliocell foam offering great support.

Viscoelastic foam was developed by Nasa, the purpose was to relieve the pressure felt by astronauts during take-off.

The mattress consists of special shaped and cut foam with vented borders which enables better air circulation throughout the mattress, helping to reduce
temperature while you sleep.

The eliocell foam is topped with layer of visco foam which gives the sleeper relief from aches and pains and will adapt to body weight, within stress guidelines.

Its finished with a quilt removable cover with contains micro pockets of extracts from spirulina seaweed. These are released while you sleep helping to nourish
your skin. You will wake up refreshed, relaxed and ready for the challenges a new day brings.

This mattress is medium to firm.


This mattress does not need to be flipped, just rotated every few months. 


Finance available click here for details - FlexiFi 


3 year manufacturing guarantee.



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