Athletes Testimonials

  • Good quality¬†sleep is vital, as it helps in my recovery from injury and intense training periods..I am extremely happy with my Endurance Sports mattress.

    Robbie Henshaw
    Leinster & Ireland International

  • I have being sleeping on my new Kensington mattress for the last six months..I am extremely happy with my purchase and appreciate how important the right mattress is in achieving the optimum nights sleep.

    BFua Leiofi "Bundellu" Aki
    Connacht & Ireland International

  • I have recently moved into my new home and I am delighted with my purchase from The Sleep Shop.Having the correct mattress has improved my sleep quality.

    Dan Leavy
    Leinster & Ireland International

  • I am very happy with my new Elite Sports mattress.It has helped me achieved a better nights sleep, aiding in my recovery from training.

    Kieran Marmion
    Connacht & Ireland International

  • ‚ÄúSleep and rest is crucial to performance. This was especially so during my recent solo row across the Atlantic. The Sleep Shop sponsorsed my bespoke marine grade mattress to ensure that, in the rare moments I was able to head into the cabin to get my head down, I had maximum comfort"

    Victoria Evans
    Guiness World record holder. Fastest Female to Solo Row the Atlantic

  • I recently purchased a memory foam topped mattress from The Sleep Shop and it has completely revitalized my sleep.Not only am I getting a better nights rest but I feel¬† it has greatly aided my recovery which is vital for me.

    Jordi Murphy
    Ulster & Ireland

  • Recently purchased a Richmond mattress from David.It has been absolutely outstanding and my sleep quality has improved tenfold.Service from start to finish has been top class.¬†

    James Lowe
    Leinster and Ireland

  • I recently purchased The Everest mattress from David at The Sleep Shop.I know how important sleep is for my recovery and I have already noticed a difference.

    Denis Buckley

  • David was extremely helpful and gave me great advice on the different types of mattresses and what would suit me best. Couldn't be happier with my new mattress and my sleep quality has improved tenfold.

    Ed Byrne
    Leinster and Ireland

  • I am delighted with my new Bamboo pillows,its hard to find the right pillow and I finally have,it allows me to get the most out of a nights sleep.

    Rachael Blackmore
    Grand National Winner 2021.

  • Working on breakfast radio and getting up at 4.30 every morning certainly makes sleep hugely important in my life! I sleep on Sleep Shop bamboo pillows and I sleep in a Sleep Shop bed because they are the comfiest ones I could find. A good night's sleep is one of the best presents you can ever give yourself

    Dr.Ciara Kelly
    News Talk and Sunday Independent

  • I recently purchased my new mattress under the guidance of David. Incredible service from start to finish. I know how important sleep is in aiding my recovery and have already noticed improvements in my sleep. David's knowledge around the science of sleep was very helpful.

    Tom Daly
    Connacht Centre

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