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Rise And Shine


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Sunrise and Sunset simulator.


Enjoy your morning more, by waking up to Sunrise surrounded by sounds of nature. The light will turn on 30 minutes before you are due to rise and will brighten as you get closer to your getting up time. As the brightness reaches its maximum your chosen nature sound will start to chime. You can touch any buttons to stop or it will turn to snooze mode and after 5 minutes.


The Sleep light has 3 timer options 10/30/60 minutes. The correct lighting can help you prepare for a better night’s sleep. A nice fading sunset can help you relax and drift off into sleep.


  • Wake up light
  • Sleep lamp
  • Touch control Bedside lamp
  • led Multi colour
  • Digital Clock
  • Natural Alarm Music
  • 3 levels of warm light
  • 5 colours from slow fading to fast music flash.

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