Superwash Sheeps Wool

Sheep's wool is naturally super hygienic and antibacterial.

Naturally Gentle
The pillow case is manufactured using high quality PERKALI cotton with natural, washable sheep wool (150g / m 2 ). The spiked pillowcase retains the cushion structure and prevents it from collapsing. It is easily removed and washed.


Pillows contain used washable,so easy to maintain and can be washed at 4o C


Sheep’s wool absorbs moisture well and allows the skin to breathe.


Natural scent

Natural wool products can have a mild odor of natural fiber. If it smells too intense, we recommend airing before use..

Packed in cotton, reusable, environmentally friendly bags with a sample of the natural fiber used in the product attachted to the packaging.

Certified according to  Oeko-Tex® Standart 100  quality requirements.


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