Don't be sad anymore and beat the winter blues.


  • 10,000 lux light.
  • Compact and affordable.
  • Slim design.
  • Portrait and Landscape. 
  • Simulates Sunlight.


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Free nationwide delivery-convenient tracking number provided.


  • Material

    Made from plastic.

  • Measurements

    17cm wide by 25cm high

  • Benefits.

    Offers a natural mood and energy boost.

  • Lux

    Provides 10,000 lux.

Customer Reviews

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Feb 22, 2024

I recently purchased two mattresses from this store which were very good value. I found David very helpful, knowledgeable and informative in selecting the best mattress for us. There was a good range of type of mattresses and price points in the store. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Sleep Shop to friends and family. The perfect nights sleep awaits those on The Sleep Shop mattress!

Shirley Delaney

Feb 15, 2024

100% recommend this shop. David and his dad (apologies I dont know his name) are both gentlemen to deal with. Very friendly and give top advise. No issues at all with orders over the phone or in shop. I have bought 3 times from them and will be going back again no hesitation at all. Very friendly and helpful people.

TFX customer

Dec 20, 2023

Spectacular customer service. David helped me pick out fabric colours via WhatsApp and kept me up to date during the whole process, from production to delivery. He called and sent photos. And, the beds are lovely and comfortable and were really easy to put together.


Nov 14, 2023

This is the second mattress we've bought from the Sleep Shop, we've gone for the latex cloud. We went through the phone consultation service with David as we were unable to get down to Athlone. David is so knowledgeable and friendly, he walked us through the process, followed up once we placed the order to give a estimated timeline for delivery (which was bang on) and answered any questions we had via Whatsapp. A pleasure to deal with and look forward to paying a visit next time

Catherine Smyth

Jan 12, 2024

Ordered pillows buy one get one half price, they came within days and were great quality and very comfy no problems whatsoever


Oct 5, 2023

Bought my couches here from David who was so pleasant and helpful from start to finish. The couches we bought were priced significantly cheaper in The Sleep Shop than at another shop we priced them at. Reasonable wait time for beautiful hand made couches and amazing quality.

Claire Connor

Oct 26, 2023

My overall experience at The Sleep Shop was excellent from beginning to end! David was a true gentleman and helped me pick the perfect mattress which was exactly what I wanted. Couldn’t recommend The Sleep Shop enough and will be returning in the future.

Feeling Sluggish.

When you are feeling sluggish and lethargic, spend more time with light. Exposure can effect people differently -so its important to establish a distance and a schedule that is comfortable for you to maximize the benefits.

Light Therapy

Make up for the lack of sunshine with your daily dose of light therapy. Sad lamps help simulate sunlight, this can help the brain produce serotonin, the hormone that affects your mood. The light also reduces the production of melatonin which makes you feel sleepy and tired.

Free Delivery

In stock with free nationwide delivery .Tracking number provided by email.


  • How Close should I sit?

    The therapy lamp should be positioned as close a 6 inches- but within 24 inches of your face and should be slightly off center.

  • How does it work?

    The Therapy lamp provides a broad spectrum of light therapy, which stimulates all of the eyes photoreceptors, Cons, rods and melanopsin. The lamp operates with photopic light which primarily stimulates the cones of the eye as well as scotopic light which in turn primarily simulates the rods .Reducing the size of the pupil ,this helps relax the eye, providing a comfortable sensation of rest. Melanopsin helps set the body's daily cycles and bring them back in their natural order.

  • Can I use this lamp outside?

    No, the therapy lamp is for indoor use only.

  • Should I look directly at the light?

    No - do not look directly at the light.

  • What's the recommended usage per day?

    Depending on the person -30 minutes to 1 hour a day.

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