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10 reasons why you should prioritise your sleep this year
Make a great night’s sleep your priority this year and feel
the benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you should
prioritise your sleep this year.

1. A good night’s sleep puts people in a better
mood. The more tired you are the less patience
you have, the more likely you are to snap at a
loved one a colleague.
2. A good night’s sleep helps reduce stress.
When your body is sleep deficient, it can go
into a state of stress. The body's functions are
put on high alert, which causes high blood
pressure and the production of stress
hormones. High blood pressure increases your
risk of heart attack and stroke.
3. Research has proven that sleep plays a very
important role in the process called memory
consolidation. Your body may be resting but
your brain is busy processing the day’s events.
It makes connections between events, sensory
input, feelings and memories. The better the
night’s sleep the better you will retain
4. People who sleep less regularly are more likely
to be overweight and obese. Research has
shown that lack of sleep impacts the balance of
hormones in the body that affects appetite.

5. Consistently getting a good night sleep has
shown to improve athletic performance. A study
of basketball players has proven that longer
sleep significantly improved speed, accuracy,
reaction times as well as mental wellbeing.
6. In a study on healthy young men, restricting
sleep to four hours per night for six nights in a
row caused symptoms of prediabetes. These
symptoms reduced after one week of increased
sleep. Poor sleep habits are also strongly
linked to adverse effects on blood sugar in the
general population. Those sleeping less than
six hours per night have repeatedly been
shown to be at an increased risk of type 2
7. More energy. There is no denying that after a
great night’s sleep we wake feeling more
energized and ready to go.
8. A great night’s sleep can make you fell more
attractive. Sleep is excellent for the skin and it
shouldn’t be an overlooked as a fundamental
part of the beauty regime.
9. A bad night’s sleep slows reaction time and
your ability to focus. Driving a car like this
reduces your ability to focus and is similar to
driving while drunk. More and more accidents
are being caused on our roads from this.
10.A good night’s sleep consistently, can help
fight off illnesses. Your immune system the way

your immune cells work. They may not attack
as quickly, and you could get sick more often.
Identifies harmful bacteria and viruses in your
body and destroys them. On-going lack of
sleep changes Good nightly rest now can help
you avoid that tired, worn-out feeling, as well
as spending days in bed as your body tries to
By David O shea


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