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What’s living in your mattress

Forget about Vampires and Zombies this Halloween. What’s more scary is what’s living in your mattress. It’s a horror movie every night called the Invasion of Dust mites. Here are some very very scary facts indeed.

1. Dust mite’s measure 0.333mm long and have 8 legs.
2. We shed about 3kg of Skin each year. As a dust mite is a skin eater this is breakfast lunch and Dinner for them.
3. They thrive better in dark, warm places filled with food.
(Like your mattress and pillow)
4. A female dust mite will live for roughly 6 six but over this period she will lay over 50 eggs.
5. A dust mite produces at least 1000 allergen waste particulars
6. Long term exposure can trigger asthma attacks.
7. Dust mites are not an insect but part of the spider family.
8. There are at least 10,000 of these living in the average mattress.
9. Each dust mite produces up to 50 faecal droppings a day.
10. Your mattress will double in weight from day one to year 10 because of Dust mites, their faecal and your dead skin and perspiration.

This Horror movie can have a happy ending. Hoover your mattress regularly getting rid of any allergen particles, invest in a good quality mattress and pillow Procter reducing the effects. Why not call to The Sleep Shop today and view are range of well-priced products.

By David O Shea


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