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Ban Electronics from the bedroom.

Good quality Sleep is vital as it allows your body to recharge so you’re ready for the next day. But, did you know that using your electronic devices before bedtime can have a huge impact on how you sleep. Cutting out screen time at night is probably the number one thing you can do to improve your sleep immediately.


The artificial blue light from electronic screens can trick your body into producing daytime hormones such as cortisol, which can confuse your bodies natural preparation for sleep.


Technology can make you time blind. We all have done it, checking something on Facebook or Instagram for a minute and 30 minutes later you have found yourself sucked into a black hole, scrolling through something completely different than you went to check for.


When you are sleeping you don’t need your phone, it doesn’t need to be nearby. If you have to have your phone in the bedroom, make sure you leave it far enough away so you cant just reach out and touch it.


Healthy sleep is important, and poor sleep can have many negative effects on your health. Your bedroom should be a room for sleeping in. Everybody needs somewhere to relax and unwind  and get your brain into the state it needs to prepare for a good night’s sleep.


The best solution to limiting screen-time in the bedroom is to simply remove them. Dedicate other rooms in your house to work and  entertainment instead and make your bedroom a screen-free zone. Switching them off 90 minutes before bedtime gives you and your brain a chance to relax and prepare for bed.


If you must us screens in the bedroom invest in some good quality blue block glasses or  many phones now have a blue light blocker built into them that can be switched on at night. You can usually find this in the settings on your phone and you’ll know it’s working because your screen will change colour.


If you want to improve your sleep-wake cycle, then reducing your time on electronic devices can help greatly. The blue light emitted from electronic devices can affect your sleep health and bedtime routine.


Because Sleep Matters



By Sarmin Sultana


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