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Bed Bugs

If you thought Dust mites where bad you haven’t seen anything yet. Bed Bugs are a parasitic insect and like Count Dracula they feed exclusively on your blood and like him they are mainly active at night when you are at your most vulnerable. Have you ever woken with red itchy bites or have notice little blood stains on your sheets. Here are some horrible and scary facts about what could be in your mattress tonight.

1. An adult bed bug can grow to 4.5mm long
2. Their life span varies depending on how much blood is available.
3. A female bed bug will lay between 1 and 5 eggs a day and up to 500 over its lifetime.
4. Both male and female must feed every 14 days or so.
5. Newly hatch bed bugs can live several months without food in ideal conditions.
6. Bed bug bites can cause itchy red welts tan can easily become affected as a result of scratching
7. A recent study by scientists at Vancouver’s St Pauls Hospital discovered the super viruses MRSA in several bed bugs. All it takes is an open cut or wound to spread Mrsa.
8. Bed bugs are smart and know when you are asleep by the carbon dioxide you emit.
9. They can be resistant to the cold but not too hot temperatures.
10. In New York sniffer dogs are being to detect is there is an infestation in homes.

By David O Shea


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