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The Ideal Bedroom.

The next day starts the night before. When you wake each morning refreshed and energised, your day is off to a good start. Your bedroom environment plays an essential part in helping you achieve quality and consistent sleep and shouldn’t become your office, gym or a playroom.


Creating the ideal Sleep environment, you should consider the following:


  1. Room temperature is vitally important, not too cold or too warm, between 16c-18c is ideal. A bedroom which which is too warm, too cold or draughty can seriously impact on your sleep


  1. A tidy room means a tidy mind. De-cluttering your room, leaving it nice and clean will help you relax at bedtime. Make the bed the focal point can help you streamline the room.


  1. When decorating avoid using bright stimulating colours, softer tones are better and easier on the eye. Neutral or muted tones and light pastels help you wind down and make the space feel calmer.


  1. Light pollution is a huge issue, try black out blinds or even a sleep mask to insure darkness in your room, enabling a better night’s sleep.


  1. Your bedroom is for sleeping in; don’t let it become an extension of your office, remove any distractions.


  1. Tempting as is it to catch up on the latest box set, say no to technology in the bedroom.


  1. Blue light is another big issue; leave your phone, tablet and laptop outside your bedroom. Turn off 90 minutes before going to sleep. If you do have to work or study, try using blue block glasses.


  1. Decorate your bedroom with family photos that make you feel good helping you to relax. 
  1. Plants like a Spider plant or English ivy is easy to keep and acts as an air purifier helping you sleep better.


  1. Certain smells can help you relax. Lavender and germanium are ideal for making you relax before sleep. Candles or a humidifier are an ideal way to make room smell more sleep friendly.


At the Sleep Shop we also believe the foundation to a great’s night’s sleep is the correct mattress and pillow. How old are yours? Are they still giving the right support? If not ,why not call in store today, mention this blog and get 10% off. T/C apply.


 Because Sleep matters  

By Sarmin Sultana


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