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Turn your Bedroom into a sleep Sanctuary.

When decorating their bedroom most people will focus on the elements that reflect their needs when they are awake. 

Your bedroom might offer convenience by day, but there is a chance it may have different impact at night. You still spend a third of each day there, so a hot, bright ,cluttered room can and will disrupt your sleep keeping you lying awake for a period of time, which can mean bad news for your waking health.

Creating and maintaining the prefect sleep environment is very important for achieving the best possible quality sleep which is vital for your health and well being.

Here are some useful tips to help you turn your bedroom in to a tranquil, relaxing environment.

1.De Clutter your room. A tidy room means a tidy mind. A bedroom is designed as a place to rest and relax.

2.Room temperature is very important. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold .Ideal temperature is 16-18 degrees (60-65f)

3.Avoid using bright or stimulating colours when decorating. Softer colours will make you feel calm.

4.Keeping your room dark and cool will help improve your nights sleep. Black out blinds will prevent any natural daylight from disrupting your sleep.

5.Say no to technology in the bedroom. Blue light is one of the biggest sleep disruptors. Keep mobile phones, tablets ,laptops and other such devices out of the bedroom.

6.Your bedroom should be for sleep and sleep only. Avoid treating it like an extension of your office.

7.Plants are great idea for improving the air within your bedroom. Such plants like English Ivy or the Mother in laws tongue are easy to keep and with huge health benefits .

8.Certain smells can have a calming effect. Lavender and germanium are ideal for making you relax before sleep. We also stock lavender and germanium candles and a lavender pillow spray to help you drift off to sleep.

9.Bedding ,including sheets ,blankets, pillows and your mattress, can have a huge impact on your sleep. If old and worn out its time to change. Pillows and mattresses should complement each other to maintain the natural alignment of the spine. This is important to prevent back and neck pain and in some cases headaches.

We believe the foundation to a greats nights sleep is the correct mattress and pillow. How old is yours and is it offering the support and comfort you deserve.

Why not visit our website today to learn more.Because Sleep Matters.

By Sarmin Sultana


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