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Why turning up the heat while Sleeping in this cold weather is a bad idea

The cold weather is here and how tempting it is to turn up the heating in your bedroom. Its believed turning up the thermostat can have a negative effect on how you sleep. In some case if the body is too warm it will find it hard to doze off.

If your bedroom is too warm, your body has to work harder to regulate your body temperature during the night. When this happens it can increase wakefulness and reduce your time in a deep sleep.

Scientists have discovered, people suffering from insomnia tend to have higher body temperatures when they first go to bed making it harder for them to fall asleep. For a better night’s sleep don’t turn up the heat, instead have a hot bath or shower roughly 40 minutes before bed time. This can help drop your core body temperature. In addition your body produce a natural hormone called melatonin,
making you fall asleep faster.

Here are some more great tips for a better night’s sleep.

  • Keep room temperature between 16-18 degrees.
  • Declutter your bedroom. Tidy room tidy mind.
  • Make your bedroom an electronic Free zone.The blue light emitted is one of the biggest sleep disruptors
  • Eating breakfast roughly 30 minutes after waking can boost your sugar levels.
  • Open up your blinds and curtains and allow as much natural day light in as possible.
  • Have a buffer zone before bedtime to relax and unwind before getting to bed.Have that bath or read some of your book, anything to relax your body and mind.

Because Sleep Matters

By David O shea


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